Project Unit
As project directorate, we provide connection of electrical installations which will be established by public institutions and organizations and the private sector, compatible with national transmission and distribution networks, aiming safety of life and property. We execute electrical installation projects according to the legislation and norms of Electrical Installation Project Regulations, published in the Official Gazette No.27434 and December 16, 2009.

With each passing day, our company strengthen its staff with the skilled personnel, softwares and hardwares. Our company works to be leader of project production as it serves to the all sectors related to power transmission and distribution networks according to the related regulations, legislations and technical conditions.

1 Bozüyük-Bilecik Divided Highway Displacement and Illumination OSMANGAZİ EDAŞ
2 Ankara-İstanbul High-Speed Railway HV-LV Project SAKARYA EDAŞ
3 Niğde Police Academy Intersection Illumination Project TCK-NİĞDE
4 Niğde-Kemerhisar Highway Southern Intersection and Service Area Illumination Project TCK-NİĞDE
5 Niğde-Kemerhisar Highway Southern Intersection and Service Area HV-LV Electrical Project MEDAŞ/NİĞDE
6 Gerede-Gerkonsan Substation-Havullu 31,5 kV 2(3x/0) 15 KM Power Transmission Line TEDAŞ
7 Ankara BaşkentRay-Sincan TCDD HV-LV Electrical Project BAŞKENT
8 Yozgat-Sivas High-Speed Railway HV-LV Project ÇAMLIBEL
9 İzmir-Menemen Highway Seyrek Intersection Power Transmission Line Project GEDİZ EDAŞ
10 TCDD Kayseri Northern Variant HV-LV Electrical Project GEDİZ EDAŞ
11 Sivas DSİ Intersection Illumination TCK/TEDAŞ
12 Sivas Kovalı Intersection Illumination TCK/TEDAŞ
13 Balıkesir GES Generator ULUDAĞ EDAŞ
14 Gerede Havullu-Kızılcahamam 31.5 kV 3x3/0 30 KM Power Transmission Line SEDAŞ/TEDAŞ
15 DSİ Gerede Drinking Water TBM 19200 MVA HV-LV SEDAŞ
16 Sivas Kovalı Intersection Illumination + Substation TCK/TEDAŞ
17 Ankara Sincan Lale Underpass Illumination Project BAŞKENT EDAŞ
18 Çanakkale Umurbey Water Pump HV-LV 1250+50 kVA ULUDAĞ EDAŞ
19 Niğde-Kemerhisar Highway Northern Intersection and Tollbooth Illumination Project TCK-NİĞDE
20 Niğde-Kemerhisar Highway Northern Intersection and Tollbooth HV-LV Electrical Project MEDAŞ/NİĞDE
21 İzmir Çandarlı Zeytindağ Distribution Center MOD 5b GEDİZ EDAŞ
22 Gebze Köseköy High-Speed Railway HV-LV Project SEDAŞ
23 Ankara Tandoğan-Keçiören Subway 2000 kVA HV-LV BAŞKENT
24 Azerbaijan Sabirabad Rayon Highway Illumination Project
25 Sivas-Yozgat-Tokat 35 kV Power Transmission Line (600 KM Investments of 2010-2011) ÇAMLIBEL
26 Bursa-Balıkesr 35 kV Power Transmission Line (300 KM Investments of 2010-2011) ULUDAĞ EDAŞ
27 Çamlıbel EDAŞ Power Transmission Line Project 420 KM (Contract of Power Transmission Line Project 2010-2011) ÇAMLIBEL
28 Uludağ EDAŞ 65 KM Contract of Power Transmission Line Project 2012 ULUDAĞ EDAŞ
29 Uludağ EDAŞ Distribution Network Projects 2012 ULUDAĞ EDAŞ
30 Hasan Çelebi Substation-Hekimhan 35 kV 2(3x3/0) 13 KM Power Transmission Line AKSA FIRAT EDAŞ
31 Tokat Suçatı HEPP-Kelkit Substation 2(3x477) MCM 19 KM Power Transmission Line ÇAMLIBEL

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